Sensor Tower and MAAS: Monthly Mobile Shopping Category Installs in India Reached 113 Million in October 2021

Sensor Tower and MAAS by Affle partnered together to analyze mobile eCommerce trends in India and Southeast Asia markets.

Takeaways from Sensor Tower's The Dawn of The New-Age Shopper in the New Normal report

Although 2020 brought a surge in online shopping, that pace has slowed in 2021. Ahead of this year's holiday season, Sensor Tower and MAAS took a look at key e-commerce trends in India and Southeast Asia.

Shopping App Average Monthly Active Users Were Up 40 Percent in Q2 2021

Average monthly active users (MAU) among the top 10 shopping apps were up roughly 40 percent by Q2 2021 versus Q1 2019 in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Average MAUs in Indonesia also showed steady growth when comparing the two same periods. Meanwhile, the average MAUs among the top apps in India declined in Q3 2020 due to the removal of Club Factory during the previous quarter.

Shopping App Average Monthly Active User Growth versus Q1 2019

India's Monthly Downloads Surpassed 80 Million for the First Time Since October 2020

Shopping app installs on India's app stores reached over 80 million in July 2021 with the Indian social e-commerce company, Meesho, contributing more than 12 million. This was the first time the category had reached this threshold since October 2020 at the height of the shopping season in India, building momentum for a record-setting festive season in 2021. Our preliminary data now shows that shopping apps reached 113 million downloads in October 2021.

Monthly Shopping Category Downloads in India

In Southeast Asia, monthly shopping category downloads spiked temporarily in April 2020; however, they have since declined and normalized near 2019 levels. Indonesia has maintained its position as the largest market for shopping app installs in the region, while Vietnam had the highest year-over-year growth in July 2021.

Monthly Shopping Category Downloads in Southeast Asia

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Jonathan Briskman

Written by: Jonathan Briskman, Senior Mobile Insights Analyst

Date: November 2021