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Fire Emblem Heroes Revenue Surpassed $60 Million This Summer, 34% More Than 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes revenue reached $63 million worldwide between June and August 2018, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Fire Emblem Heroes Revenue

Nintendo's most successful mobile game to date, Fire Emblem Heroes, has been available for 18 months—but rather than losing momentum over time, it's raking in more money than ever according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence revenue estimates. Between June and August, players worldwide spent approximately $63 million in the game, the equivalent of more than one million $60 console games.

This spending represented a 34 percent increase from summer 2017, when players poured about $47 million into their quests to obtain rare heroes through the game's "gacha" mechanic. During the three-month period this year, Japanese players spent the most on summoning new heroes, at approximately $36 million, or 57 percent, of the total.

Players in the United States contributed the second largest portion of Fire Emblem Heroes revenue this summer at 30 percent of total expenditure, amounting to nearly $19 million. This means that, combined, Japan and the U.S. made up 87 percent of all spending in the game during the past three months.

Fire Emblem Heroes has accounted for 78 percent of Nintendo's mobile revenue to date, earning nearly $417 million since launching in February 2017. The game grossed $300 million of that in its first year.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: September 2018