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Tencent's Game for Peace Surpasses $14 Million in 72 Hours on China's App Store

Tencent's Game for Peace grossed more than $10 million in its first three days in China, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates show.

Tencent's Game for Peace

Tencent's abrupt removal of PUBG Mobile from China's App Store may have come as a shock to players, but that hasn't stopped them from making its replacement, Game for Peace, the world's highest grossing mobile battle royale title on iOS in the past 72 hours, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Our data shows that China's App Store users have spent more than $14 million in Game for Peace during its first three days of availability there, or an average of about $4.7 million per day. This comes after more than a year of PUBG Mobile being available on the store but not being able to offer any in-app purchases due to government restrictions. The new, less violent Game of Peace was tailor-made to conform to the Chinese government's requirements and, as a result, Tencent was granted permission to monetize the title.

This sum earned by Game for Peace is significantly more than that spent in PUBG Mobile for iOS over the same period in the territories where it remains available. That title has grossed approximately $2.2 million according to Sensor Tower's estimates, placing Game for Peace's player spending at about 6x that amount.

As for the world's top grossing battle royale title on iOS, Fortnite, it grossed an estimated $4 million over the past three days, putting Game for Peace's player spending during the same period at about 3.5x that of the Epic Games-developed title.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: May 2019