How to Identify the World's Fastest Growing Apps with Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence Product

In addition to displaying download and revenue data for every iOS and Android app on the market, our Store Intelligence product now also allows users to easily visualize which apps in the market are gaining traction the most quickly.

Downloads and Revenue for iOS and Android

In April, Sensor Tower announced the anticipated arrival of our Store Intelligence product. Statistical models built by our data science team have been providing download and revenue estimates for iOS and Android apps in the market, with phenomenal accuracy.

This week, we've incorporated a new feature to provide even greater insight into the ever-evolving app market: Top & Trending Apps. Learn how this added functionality will provide your team with important data points around the competition's growth, for both Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Visualize Top Apps by Downloads and Revenue

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To determine which apps are gaining the most traction, a good first step is assessing absolute download and revenue numbers for top performers in the market. The graphs display a weekly sum of Sensor Tower's data estimates for the top 10,000 apps. Because the apps are arranged in descending order, it's easy to identify performance differences from one app to the next.

Want to know which app made the most revenue in the Books category last week? Or which ten apps dominated the Russian market for Google Play? The custom sorting options we've included will make slicing and dicing the data for specific use cases a breeze.

Pinpoint Fastest Growing Apps

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Next, Top & Trending incorporates two ways to look at the app stores' fastest risers:

  • Absolute growth, which subtracts a previous week's downloads or revenue from that of the current week; and

  • Growth percentage, which takes absolute growth as a fraction of the prior week’s downloads or revenue.

Monitor download and revenue velocity globally, or for the categories and countries that matter most to your marketing strategy. Use this data to plan for ad campaigns, product launches, ASO updates and more.

Compare and Analyze

Finally, our team has made comparing specific apps easier than ever. Select the checkbox next to apps you'd like to view simultaneously, then click "Analyze." Store Intelligence will generate a customized graph. All data is fully exportable in .csv format.

Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence product is separate from the App Intelligence (ASO) platform. Store Intelligence is an Enterprise level offering. Interested in learning more? Request a live demo with our team here!

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Karen Biscopink

Written by: Karen Biscopink, Head of Content

Date: June 2015

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