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Keyword Research Module: The Easy Way To Research Keywords

The Sensor Tower ASO Keyword Research module is similar to the Google SEO Keyword Planner, but for apps.

UPDATE (December 20, 2019): This is not the most recent version of this guide. Check out our most up-to-date guide for this module.

Our Keyword Research module gives you vital information about the keywords that you want to target. We provide easy to understand metrics on each keyword, allowing you to make informed decisions.

If you are new to App Store Optimization, be sure to learn the 3-step process for choosing the right ASO keywords. This process applies to both App Store and Google Play apps. You can also sign up for ASO Academy and learn all the basics of ASO, including: graphics optimization, localization, keyword optimization and more.

How To Use The Keyword Research Module

This short video will show you how the Sensor Tower Keyword Research module works. It is one of the modules in our platform that you will use the most, so be sure to get very familiar with it. In addition to helping you choose the right keywords, it will also help you research your competition and spy on their keywords.

If you prefer the text version, it is provided after the video.

Select Your App

Before you get started, be sure that your app is selected at the top of the screen. If it is not selected, click the green Add New App button or select a previously saved app from drop down list by clicking on the name of the app that is currently shown. We will use Clash of Clans for this example.


Select The Keyword Research Module

Then select the Keyword Research module from the slide-out menu on the left side of the screen.


Enter A Keyword That You Want To Research

Now enter any keyword or keyword phrase that you want to research and click on the Research button. For example, we know that Clash of Clans uses the keyword "castle" so let's research that keyword.


To the right of the keyword entry box, you will see all of the data for this keyword. If you don't know how these scores work, read our tutorial on keyword selection. It is a very fast and easy way to investigate any keyword idea that comes to mind during one of your brainstorming sessions.

This includes:

  • Traffic Score

  • iPhone/iPad Difficulty Score

  • Number of iPhone/iPad apps competing for this keyword


Then we also show you an ordered list all of the apps that are currently ranking for this keyword. It is a great way to see which apps you are up against. If you want to spy on the keywords that each of these apps is using, click on the Keyword Spy icon on the right side of the each line.


To see the rankings for this keyword on the iPad, click on the iPad Ranking tab.


Finally, if you want to see the App Profile Page or the Publisher Profile Page, click on the appropriate links.



In future posts, we will provide more tutorials on how to maximize all of our modules. If you have been doing App Store Optimization for awhile, then our modules are very intuitive, but if you are new, we hope that these tutorials will help you to get started quickly. Try a free 14-day trial of Sensor Tower if you want to try out the Keyword Research module.

To learn how to use all of our modules, read our Beginner's Guide to ASO

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Hugh Kimura

Written by: Hugh Kimura, Head of Content

Date: October 2013