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Roblox Mobile Has Grossed More Than $1 Billion in Lifetime Revenue

The mobile version of gaming platform Roblox has hit the $1 billion milestone, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows.

Roblox Mobile Has Grossed More Than $1 Billion in Lifetime Revenue

The mobile version of multiplayer “virtual universe” gaming platform Roblox has surpassed $1 billion in gross revenue, making it the latest title to exceed this substantial milestone, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Roblox Corporation’s eponymous blockbuster has been downloaded 290 million times across both the App Store and Google Play, with $677 million, or 67 percent of its revenue coming from the United States, and $89 million, or 9 percent from Great Britain. Google Play accounted for 75 percent of downloads, though Apple users are likely to spend more in-game, with iPhone and iPad spending accounting for 76 percent of revenue.

Roblox: Quarterly Mobile Player Spending Since 2016

Roblox drew $335 million revenue in 2018, growth of more than 700 percent from 2016’s total of $45.7 million. Roblox has earned $435 million in 2019 so far, already 30 percent more than its total revenue for the entirety of 2018. Roblox’s monthly player spending peaked at $50 million globally in August 2019, the same month Roblox Corporation held its fifth Roblox Developers Conference. Roblox is one of the top earners across both stores, having been in the top five for U.S. revenue for the past three quarters, and the top 10 since the beginning of 2018.

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Katie Williams

Written by: Katie Williams, Mobile Insights Strategist

Date: November 2019