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Platform Product Update: New Keyword Features, TikTok Ads, and More

Take a look at the changes our team has made to the Sensor Tower Platform this quarter.

Sensor Tower Platform Update Q4

As an innovation-driven company, Sensor Tower’s engineers are continually developing updates, both small and large, that enable our customers get the most out of their mobile data analysis. The final quarter of 2019 was quite a productive one for our technical teams, with the first release of our Official Annotations feature as well as a host of quality-of-life improvements across our most popular intelligence products.

Take a look at some of the changes that have hit our platform over the past few months, and how we envision our customers making the best use of them.

Keyword Overhaul

We released a series of small but important updates to our App Store Optimization feature found within our App Intelligence product that have greatly increased the flexibility and customizability of trackable keywords on our platform. These updates have made a large impact on customers that are seeking organic users and quality methods to boost user acquisition.

First, the ASO Keyword Overview feature provides an aggregate look at all Sensor Tower keyword ranking data, enabling customers to see how an app ranks for a given keyword. This feature provides UA teams with a better understanding of which keywords are best surfacing an app, or how competitive a certain keyword has become.

Sensor Tower Keyword Overview

Next, Edit mode for Keyword Rankings, released in November, now provides users with the ability to easily batch-delete tracked keywords or batch-remove keywords from a tab without deleting them. This easy-to-use feature makes it possible for teams to quickly clean up their ASO operations and see at-a-glance which keywords may not be performing as well as they had in the past.

Finally, this month we released a new ASO feature for calculating Keyword Density. Our definition of Keyword Density is the number of occurrences of a keyword in an app’s product page metadata divided by the total number of terms in the metadata. In short, this feature enables users to see how often a specific keyword comes up across many different app elements, including: App title, description, subtitle (App Store only), and short description (Google Play only). Knowing a keyword’s density can also be a useful method for understanding and contextualizing its impact or frequency across competing apps, and whether it may be worth targeting as part of a smarter ASO strategy.

TikTok Ad Network

In addition to the improvements within our App Intelligence product, our Ad Intelligence platform also received an intriguing new addition this month: Sensor Tower now supports the TikTok ad network! As an important and rapidly-growing player in mobile (especially among the rising Gen Z population), the inclusion of TikTok’s ad network in our platform marks an opportunity to surface interesting new insights about advertising behaviors on social networking platforms.

TikTok Creative Gallery

The TikTok ad network is new, and we anticipate numerous, rapid changes to how it functions and the countries it reaches. That being said, we’re excited to continue to improve our support for TikTok, especially as more companies seek out Sensor Tower data for the latest updates on the creatives that are capturing eyes on the platform.

Stay tuned as we work on developing this feature throughout the next year!

More to Come

Sensor Tower remains committed to developing leading-edge innovations in mobile analytics. Our product roadmap for 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting one and we’re looking forward to providing more of these updates in the coming months.

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Lauren Hockenson

Written by: Lauren Hockenson, Product Marketing Manager

Date: December 2019