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Top 10 Mobile Games 2023 (US): A Year of Hybrid Formulas

The mobile gaming industry experienced a hybrid year in 2023. Despite challenging layoffs and marketing complexities faced by developers and publishers, the year was rich with success stories waiting to be unpacked. Let's dive into the key highlights.

Top mobile games 2023 (US)

Monopoly Go! Dominates the Charts

Monopoly Go!, with its utilization of the iconic Monopoly IP, has revolutionized the Coin Looter sub-genre and taken the industry by storm. This Scopely creation captivated millions with its blend of casino-based active gameplay, casual progression, and engaging meta-features. Achieving an impressive 32 million downloads and generating over $632 million in U.S. revenue, Monopoly Go! emerged as a towering figure in the 2023 mobile gaming scene. Let's not forget probably the biggest winner of 2023, Savvy Games Group, which acquired Scopely early in the year, leading to great success.

US: Top Games 2023

Roblox's Persistent Appeal

Roblox continues to be a powerhouse in the mobile gaming world. In 2023, it secured its position as the second most-downloaded mobile game in the U.S., boasting over 27 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms. This success underscores the game's enduring popularity, as it continues to dominate the Gen Z audience and act as a portal to a vast digital metaverse. Known for its ongoing IP collaborations, Roblox has maintained its stronghold as a key player in the industry.

Royal Match: The Rising Prince

Dream Games' Royal Match has experienced a phenomenal rise in downloads, climbing 23 positions on the chart compared to 2022. This surge highlights the continued relevance and appeal of Decoration and Renovation Meta-based Puzzle games. It also shows the importance of having good puzzles to compete with the best casual games. It is expected for Royal Match to continue to grow in the following years, maybe even surpassing the King in the near future.

Candy Crush Saga: The Unyielding Champion

Candy Crush Saga continues its reign as the top-grossing mobile game in the U.S., amassing an impressive $472 million in revenue in 2023. This iconic game has not only maintained its fan base but also continues to attract new players, proving its enduring appeal in the highly competitive mobile gaming market.

Subway Surfers: A Timeless Sensation

The acquisition of Subway Surfers by Miniclip marked a new chapter for this beloved game. Even 11 years after its initial release, Subway Surfers remains a global sensation, with 16 million downloads in the U.S. in 2023. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the game's timeless appeal. Notably, Subway Surfers has one of the most solid Daily Active Users metrics in mobile gaming.

Block Blast! A New Blend in Mobile Gaming

Block Blast! by Hungry Studio exemplifies a successful blend of the Hypercasual Product Model with casual gameplay. Achieving over 14 million downloads, including 26% organic installs, the game stands out in a year where such organic success was rare. Monetized solely through video ads, Block Blast! is setting trends in mobile gaming. If you haven't played it, I recommend it for its simple yet captivating puzzle complexity.

Hybridcasual Games Make Their Mark

2023 marked a significant year for the growth of hybridcasual games, with titles like Attack Hole by Homa and My Perfect Hotel by SayGames each achieving over 11 million downloads in the U.S. This product model, blending elements of hypercasual, casual, and midcore games, continued to expand. It typically utilizes a monetization strategy comprising a mix of 40% ads and 60% in-app purchases (IAP), and is increasingly incorporating idle mechanics to enhance long-term player retention. This trend might be indicating a shift in the market, fueled by IDFA deprecation. We see casual game developers actively targeting this space, with hypercasual developers also adapting to catch up.

Conclusion: The Year of Hybrids

2023 was a year marked by hybrid innovation in mobile gaming. Monopoly Go! emerged as a blend of casino mechanics and casual progression, epitomizing this trend. Block Blast! successfully merged the hypercasual product model with casual gameplay. Additionally, games like My Perfect Hotel and Attack Hole exemplified the hybridcasual nature, combining hypercasual aesthetics with casual and midcore progression structures. Other well-established games in the space, such as Roblox and Stumble Guys, began implementing IP Licensing for their events as part of a hybrid strategy. As the industry undergoes consolidation, innovation is increasingly manifesting as combinations of pre-existing formulas. It’s fascinating to consider how this trend will continue to evolve in 2024 and beyond, potentially reshaping the future of mobile gaming.

Top Gaming Publishers in the US 2023

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Pedro Aira

Written by: Pedro Aira, Senior Product Manager, Game Intel Lead

Date: January 2024