Toy Blast Revenue Stacks Up To $440 Million Since 2015 Launch

Toy Blast revenue surpasses $440 million worldwide, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

Toy Blast Revenue

Peak Games' hit 2015 puzzle game Toy Blast has surpassed worldwide revenues of $440 million according to Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence estimates. The publisher is no stranger to mobile game success, as they recently saw their popular title Toon Blast reach the $200 million mark in its first year.

Last month, Toy Blast ranked No. 48 among all apps worldwide in terms of revenue, when it earned approximately $18.4 million. This number signifies a 36 percent year-over-year increase compared to August 2017 when the title grossed $13.5 million.

Most of Toy Blast's success has come from the U.S., which accounts for 71 percent of player spending at $312 million. Great Britain represents the second largest portion of revenue with 4.1 percent or $18 million.

Note: This post has been updated since originally published to match figures as they appeared in the Store Intelligence platform. Growth rates and all-time figures are unchanged.

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Adam Spannbauer

Written by: Adam Spannbauer, Mobile Insights Strategist

Date: September 2018

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