Ad Intelligence • April 2023

Forrester says Sensor Tower gives you a competitive edge and saves you money

Forrester's Total Economic Impact study found that companies who used Sensor Tower experienced 2.77x return on their investment and saw four key benefits. Discover the benefits and how our market intelligence can help you.

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Which Apps saw the most growth?

Our responsibility-sourced data can tell you. In our quarterly mobile market overview we go over the tops Apps, Games and Publishers in Q1 2023. Discover the apps that saw the most downloads and highest revenue across the various markets.



What’s trending with Retail Apps?

From top Retail Brand Apps, Beauty Apps, Fashion Apps and Retail Media Networks this report showcases the apps with the highest downloads and revenue as well as retention and app engagement. We also highlight the growth among Retail Media Networks.


Store Intelligence

What’s all the Snapchatter about?

Are You Advertising on Snapchat – or considering it? View our U.S. Snapchat advertising report. From the average monthly ad impressions to top creative trends and advertisers, we've compiled an analysis to inform your media strategies.