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How FIFA is Monetizing Through Stronger Engagement

Monetization Mastery Report Series

FIFA Soccer's post-World Cup story unveils a thrilling interplay between engagement, innovation, and revenue generation. As the world reveled in the excitement of the 2022 World Cup, FIFA Soccer's digital realm was ablaze with activity. 

This report uncovers the enthralling dynamics between the World Cup and FIFA Soccer, and how user engagement can be the catalyst for long-term monetization, inspire innovation, and redefine digital sports entertainment.

Download the full report to leverage FIFA's learnings and revolutionize your approach to monetization through stronger engagement.

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FIFA: Monetizing through stronger engagement


Score big with engagement

Part Four of the Monetization Mastery Report Series

Key takeaways in the report:

  • Surging User Engagement: Learn how the 2022 World Cup turbocharged FIFA Soccer's user engagement, setting records for daily active users throughout the tournament and beyond. Understand the symbiotic relationship between global events and virtual gaming.

  • Post-World Cup Revenue Resilience: Despite a post-World Cup revenue dip, discover how robust user engagement remained, signaling a dedicated user base and potential shifts in spending habits post-tournament.

  • Innovative Updates: Explore the impact of timely gameplay enhancements and visual updates introduced before the World Cup. Gain insights into how innovation drives sustained user interaction.

  • Tailored Engagement Strategies: FIFA Soccer's journey opens doors to new demographics, particularly women aged 35-44. Find out how tailored engagement strategies can unlock fresh revenue streams.

In the evolving digital sports landscape, FIFA Soccer's success story underscores the importance of user engagement-centric strategies for a thriving future in sports apps.

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TikTok's ascent from a viral video platform to a revenue-driving powerhouse is remarkable, but its symbiotic relationship with the gaming world is the true game-changer.

In this report, we feature our insights and how this brand is embracing the gaming community and channel resulting in more revenue for TikTok.

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Duolingo: Monetizing Through Product Stickiness

Part two of the series

This report looks into the intricacies of Duolingo's resounding success, revealing three key takeaways that underscore its unrivaled position in the industry.

By examining its innovative strategies, user loyalty trends and unique approach to gamification, we uncover the blueprint behind Duolingo's prowess in language learning engagement.

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Strava: Monetizing Through Social Features

Part three of the series

This report examines Strava's distinctive blend of physical activity and social bonds, with a focus on uncovering strategic avenues for monetization.

Our analysis delves into feasible strategies, from premium tiers tailored to challenge enthusiasts to partnerships with wellness and social apps that share Strava's user base.