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Ending a Historic First Month, Pokémon GO Has Passed $200 Million in Worldwide Revenue

Sensor Tower compares the most successful mobile game launch in history to previous and current standouts.

Pokemon GO One Month Update Hero Image

Sensor Tower estimates that Pokémon GO has earned more than $200 million in worldwide net revenue on the App Store and Google Play during its first month of availability, based on our latest Store Intelligence data. The chart below shows how this compares to two of the previous top-earning first months for mobile games: 2014's Candy Crush Soda Saga and this year's Clash Royale.

This Is What a $200 Million Mobile Game Launch Looks Like

Cumulative Pokemon GO Worldwide Revenue on the App Store and Google Play in Its First 30 Days

In order to put this achievement into perspective, we analyzed the first 30 days of two other wildly successful mobile game launches.

Clash Royale, from publisher Supercell, was released in early March and, before the arrival of Pokémon GO, was the fastest mobile game to 10 million worldwide downloads. As you can see above, Clash Royale was a revenue powerhouse during its first month of availability, but Pokémon GO still vastly out-earned it during the same period of time. We've marked the point in the timeline (day 18) where Niantic's game launched in Japan and, as a result, increased its daily net revenue considerably.

For our second point of comparison, we included King's late 2014 release, Candy Crush Soda Saga, which to this day remains one of the top grossing mobile games worldwide. Pokémon GO earned more than seven times as much net revenue in its first month as King's hit puzzle game. This is not only a testament to Pokémon GO's unparalleled popularity, but, when also viewed against Clash Royale's first month, also speaks to how the measure of a hit game's launch (at least from a revenue perspective) has changed in just two short years.

Daily usage of Pokémon GO remains on par with our most recent report, averaging about 26 minutes in total. With this historic first month in the books, we look forward to what Niantic will deliver to satisfy the wishes of its game's millions of actively engaged fans.

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Randy Nelson

Written by: Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Date: August 2016