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Celebrating 7 Years of Sensor Tower

We look back at Sensor Tower's first seven years of growth, and look forward to a bright future.

Sensor Tower Anniversary Hero

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Sensor Tower's founding in 2013, and it's remarkable how far we've come as a company. With a single $1 million seed round, we've grown into a thriving global company that delivers quality data and meaningful insights to top Fortune 500 companies, game developers, and financial institutions around the world.

There's so much of the journey we're proud of, but more importantly we're taking this year to be the most forward-looking and growth-minded our company has ever been. It's an important time in Sensor Tower's trajectory, and there's a lot to be excited about.

Our Platform Growth

Back in 2013, we began with a single product: App Intelligence. Since then—thanks to our innovation-forward engineering, data science, and product teams—we've built three more solutions to deliver to the ever-changing mobile app economy: Store Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Usage Intelligence. With the expansion of our solutions, our platform has also grown alongside the mobile landscape, from data on 2 million apps in 2013 to more than 16 million today, an 8x increase over time.

Sensor Tower Corporate Facts Infographic

And this is only the beginning—we're excited to show our customers the new technology we've been working on to keep up with the data demands of the mobile app industry. We're at a critical inflection point that will see a drastic increase in demand for accurate mobile data. Whether it's for mobile-forward companies seeking ways to acquire new users, or long-established businesses eager to build a brand-aligned presence in mobile, our products work in concert to create a holistic picture of how users discover, interact, and return to apps.

Our Corporate Growth

Our product roadmap isn't the only area where we're innovating. Our employee base has grown significantly, from just a handful of employees in San Francisco seven years ago to a 75-strong global workforce that's meaningfully engaging with customers all around the world. This growth is much more significant when compared to just two years ago: Our workforce has doubled in size since 2018, opening up to more operational functions and core teams that have substantially improved our corporate well-being.

As an organically growing company with a need for top tech talent, we've thought long and hard about the ideal work experience to attract and retain brilliant minds to work on our platform. Throughout our discussions with our technology executives and HR leaders, we've come to a conclusion so many of our peers have: A robust remote staff is crucial to Sensor Tower's growth and workforce strength.

Sensor Tower Team Photo

In that spirit, we've embarked on a journey to enhance our team by exploring two relatively new approaches in the tech ecosystem. First, we wanted to expand globally to help attain and meaningfully engage with top tech talent found all over the world. Second, we resolved to embrace remote work; we wanted our employees to engage with work in a way that's best for them.

We believe an eye towards flexibility and employee well-being will be the catalyst through which our teams will thrive. We look forward to meeting more amazing talent all over the globe, and creating an environment where our valued team members stay invigorated by our mission and values.

More to Come

Seven years feels like a remarkable milestone—and several lifetimes for a bootstrapped mobile analytics startup. Yet, we know that the best of Sensor Tower is yet to come. As mobile continues to become integrated even deeper into the lives of consumers and thriving in new markets, we feel strongly positioned to provide companies with the tools they need to stand out in this increasingly crowded space. With a strong and inspired team behind us, there's nothing we can't accomplish.

Sensor Tower is committed to discovering and fostering talent anywhere around the world, while also promoting a flexible work-life balance for all of our employees. If you're interested in tackling the challenge of working at a growing data-intensive company, visit our Careers page.

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Oliver Yeh

Written by: Oliver Yeh, Founder at Sensor Tower

Date: March 2020