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Introducing Our Latest Product: App Teardown

App Teardown is a new Sensor Tower product that enables users to peek under the hood of successful apps.

App Teardown Header

For some time, our Product, Engineering, and Data teams at Sensor Tower have been exploring the ways that customers could leverage data found outside the App Store and Google Play. With the introduction of our Ad Intelligence and Usage Intelligence products, we uncovered important insights around mobile advertising and user behavior that have powered impactful business decisions. Additionally, our introduction of Official Annotations, available alongside our App Intelligence and Store Intelligence products, now provides critical context around spikes and dips in downloads and revenue for dozens of high-profile apps. These products and features have been developed to create a holistic view of the mobile app economy, not just store performance.

Today, we're happy to announce a brand new product to deliver even more valuable signals to our customers: App Teardown.

About App Teardown

Currently available as a new Enterprise product, App Teardown enables teams to peek under the hood of successful apps and understand what's hidden within lines of code. Launching with two features—Top SDKs and SDK Detection—App Teardown is the first Sensor Tower product to deconstruct mobile apps and deliver critical information that otherwise goes unseen. With these features, users are able to find important insights into model companies or competitors, identify their "secret sauce," and even begin to understand the challenges and triumphs of their engineering teams.

SDK Insights Feature

For a broad view at how SDK penetration is affecting the mobile market, Top SDKs shows which SDKs are commonly present across both the App Store and Google Play. In addition to narrowing down by SDK type, your team can filter by other variables such as category, game subcategory, or revenue. Top SDKs can be as granular as needed to identify SDKs that are earning developer adoption for any given class of apps.

SDK Detection detects available SDKs in an app quickly and efficiently, highlighting the presence of dozens of different SDKs. It can also detect some SDK versions, to give a better understanding of whether the app is running up-to-date code. All of this information is presented in an easy-to-read matrix that allows your team to customize the SDKs that are visible at any time.

SDK Detection Feature

With App Teardown, your team can understand which SDKs an app or publisher is leveraging, and get a better understanding of how they handle critical functions like advertising, monetizing, and attribution. It can also give your sales team the edge, quickly identifying prospective customers ready to take the next step in their mobile journey.

SDK Global Fields Feature

Additionally, the SDK Global Fields found within App Teardown also work in conjunction with other Sensor Tower products to deliver SDK information to your already existing workflows. SDK Global Fields can help your team customize data views you already rely on to offer even more insight.

Step One of Many

We're incredibly excited to bring App Teardown to our customers, but SDK Detection and Top SDKs only scratch the surface of what we hope to accomplish with this product. We're looking forward to bringing additional features and datasets to help round out this offering with more actionable insights for product, sales, and other teams over the coming months.

If you'd like to learn more about App Teardown, schedule an in-depth demo with a Sensor Tower Account Manager.

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Lauren Hockenson

Written by: Lauren Hockenson, Product Marketing Manager

Date: April 2020